Kerala Lottery Results 25-2-2021 Lottery Result

Kerala Lottery Result 

Kerala Lottery Results on 25 February 2021 Lottery Result. Kerala lottery is a lottery program that is run by the government of Kerala. It was established in 1967 in India. You may know that it was established in 1967 when all the lotteries were banned by the government of India then Kerala State lottery is started. But here we are talking about the Kerala Lottery Result.

Kerala State Lottery Draw Results

Likewise, the Kerala lottery is conducted at 3:00 PM every week according to the lottery. The lottery department uses to show results daily according to the lottery.  Kerala lottery results also published in the Kerala lottery Gazette.

However, the person who wins the prize he or she have to verify the winning numbers with the results which were published in the Gazette. And has to surrender the lottery ticket within 30 days of to draw date.

Kerala Lottery Weekly Schedule Detail:


Day Draw Name 1st Prize
Monday Win-Win 65, 00,000/
Tuesday Dhanasree 70, 00,000/-
Wednesday Akshaya 60, 00,000/-
Thursday Pity Plus 70, 00,000/-
Friday Bhagyanidhi / Nirmal 60, 00,000/-
Saturday pity 10,000,000 /-
Sunday Pournami 70, 00,000/-


Karunya Plus Lottery Result:

Moreover, the Kerala government has released the Karunya Plus lottery results. The Kerala lottery result of the Karunya Plus weekly released on the official portal of the Kerala lottery. So, the draws of the Karunya Plus draws held at the Gorky Bhavan near the bakery junction.

Above all the yesterday’s result first prize was 7,000,000/- in Karunya Plus which was sold at the Kozhikode district. And the second prize was 500,000/- that was sold at the Palakkad.

And the third prize was 100,000/- that given to 12 different tickets were sold at different places of Kerala district.




1st Prize Rs :7,000,000/-


Consolation Prize Rs. 8,000/-
2nd Prize Rs :500,000/-
3rd Prize Rs. 100,000/-


4th Prize Rs. 5000/-
5th Prize Rs. 1000/-
6th Prize Rs. 500/-
7th Prize Rs. 100/-

8th Prize                                                          =========================


Most importantly, Besides Karunya Plus, Kerala Lotteries has run draws for other state-run lotteries like Akshaya, Sthree Sakthi, Win-Win, Pournami, Karunya, and Nirmal Weekly Lottery with great prizes.

Nirmal Lottery Result

Kerala Lottery has announced the results of Nirmal weekly results today. The Weekly result of the Nirmal lottery has been announced on the official portal.

Similarly, according to the draw for Kerala Lotteries were held at Gorky Bhavan Near Bakery Junction, Thiruvananthapuram today evening at 3:00 PM. Similarly, The first prize of the Nirmal lottery was 6,000,000/- which was sold at the Thiruvananthapuram.

Also, yesterday’s first prize was 7,000,000/- of Karunya Plus lottery results were sold by the person at Kozhikode district. As it’s the official rule of the Nirmal State lottery that the winner has to verify the ticket by Gazette within 30 days after that it will not be acceptable.

Isn’t it cool? This lottery is very cheap and it has bumper prizes. This lottery has prizes in crores. I think you should try it once in your lifetime may it will be your luckiest time.[/su_expand]

Updated: February 25, 2021 — 3:24 am


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