Lottery Sambad Mobile App Free Download 2019 (Get Live Result)

Lottery Sambad Mobile App

Now we introducing Lottery Sambad Mobile Application on google play store. Good News for Regular customer of Lottery sambad. Due to this application Lottery Tickets owner check their lottery results on their hand set.

Lottery Sambad mobile app is now available to download and install for both iOS and Android users. It is a great initiative for the people who buy the Sambad lottery ticket to try their luck. In the era of technology when we all have mobile phones how could,

Lottery Sambad Mobile App

It’s possible that Sambad forgets to make a mobile app for their lottery system? Their mobile app does not just allow you to check the live results on time but also comes with a lot of information which can somehow help you to win Sambad lottery.

Lottery Sambad is not just an ordinary lottery system in India. It is the most popular and somehow the oldest lottery system in India. According to stats, it has been played the most if we compare it even on nation wise or state wise. From Delhi to Bengal, Sambad lottery is equally popular. This is why there was a need for the mobile app.

Download Lottery Sambad Mobile App

Before the mobile app, people use the newspaper and online websites to get the latest result of the Sambad. While there was nothing wrong with that, but sometimes it was difficult to get the newspaper on time while websites do not really share the live Sambad lottery results.

The mobile app is available to download for free. It is available on the official Google Play store. If you don’t found mobile app there, then you can always search for the Sambad apk file easy on the internet. It does not require any additional software or modification in your mobile phone to use this app.

So, if you are the one who buys Sambad lottery and plays, then using a mobile app to get the result of the lucky draw on time is a great option for you. You should not miss taking advantage of the Lottery Sambad mobile app.



Just You can download and install lottery sambad application in their mobile phones. Android and iPhone both version of Sambad lottery available.